Asian Foodie | E-commerce website design

Asian Foodie came to me for a complete e-commerce website design, as I work full-time at Abel & Cole as a web designer during the daylight hours. They saw my handiwork there and wanted to use my experience, design eye and expertise to design them a full e-commerce website. 

The concept of Asian Foodie is not too dissimilar from Abel & Cole. It's based around food delivery, their USP being asian food. I was very happy to get stuck into this. I'm near completion but can only share a few designs I've made so far. 

With the homepage, the client wanted it jam packed full of content, again, much like A&C. A big slider and some hot promo spots. 

I chose the colours too using a pantone book and looking at countless pictures of generic asian food. I asked myself which three colours stood out most, and which would compliment the majority of product shots. Two contrasting light and dark greens, like salad and a light brown like bamboo and noodles, but that soon turned into a vibrant light orange (light brown did look dull after all).

I looked to sites like and for inspiration, as I know them to be leaders in e-commerce design, for the product and category pages. The basket page design is something I'm working on at A&C so I used our user research (cheekily) for what I know is needed most. 

I have been using the grayscale technique recently, and it works with the design work of AF. You turn the PSD grayscale and see what jumps out at the user most. You're wanting things like the checkout button, sign up and clear intuitive browsing to pop out at you. 

Like I say, this is a big project and I'm still working on it - but I couldn't wait to put up my work so far.